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Finnólme Saunas
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Panel colour comparison
This picture shows the sauna panels quite a light colour when new, and the shade they go over a period of time.
Happy Customers
John Crowder - Cornwall
(Email on file)

"To, All the team
Just want to say thank you for an outstanding service from start to finish.
The chaps delivered/installed the sauna today, most impressed with the professional attitude, a credit to your company. That goes for the office team too.
When I first embarked on looking into the purchase of a sauna, there were some very obvious pit falls which made me very nervous to take the plunge.
From my initial enquiry to final sign off, I have been kept informed and therefore felt confident about purchasing experience throughout the process.
For those reading in, I would point out that have not been incentivised to write this testimonial. I am striving to get the same, unprompted feedback from my customers which I in turn can advertise on my business website. Not something that is easily achieved !
I would not hesitate to recommend Zoki. Thank you again."
Mr Mumby - Devon
(Installation checklist)

"Excellent product and excellent service."

Mr Mumby's outdoor sauna is shown at the bottom of our page.
Christine Davies - Carmarthenshire
(Email on file)

Email dated Thurs 5th May -
"The lads arrived at 11.45am which was what we figured, as they started carrying the materials in, it started to rain... typical Welsh weather, it's been hot and dry for weeks until today!
Unfortunately I'm confined to bed today so I won't see them or my sauna until tonight or tomorrow, very frustrating.
So I will email you as soon as I have seen it.
Kind Regards
Christine "

Email the next day, Friday 6th May -
"Hi Tanya and all at Zoki
Firstly I would like to say thank you to your work team, they are a credit to your company, hard working and very pleasant.
They did a wonderful job and cleared up everything after them. Please pass on our compliments and thanks.
The sauna itself far exceeded our expectations, the quality of materials and workmanship is second to none and would recommend that anyone wanting a sauna should look no further than Zoki. I feel I have my own little spa, it looks and feels so professional. Please feel free to use our comments on your website or wherever you wish. Many thanks again.
Kind Regards
Chris and Gary Davies "
Beverley Morgan
West Midlands (Email on file)

"Dear Justin,
I received my installation of my sauna on the 11th Jan 2019. Your installers Jason and Martin were very punctual, the unit was to be installed in a loft space on the 2nd floor. I watched as those guys trailed up and down those stairs without even pausing for breath taking the materials... and it wasn't easy.
They were efficient... proactive and yes constructive... and worked together to produce my beautiful sauna... my sneak previews did not do any justice to the end result... I was truly pleased... they even cleaned up after themselves.
I would recommend ZOKI to any one or any businesses thinking of installing a sauna..the workmanship is 5 star plus also the Zoki staff are helpful and knowledgeable... kind regards to Justin and Alex "
Stefan Engelhardt
Romford (Email on file)

"Dear Tanya,
I hope you are doing great. Thank you for all your help with our Sauna. The installation went all well yesterday and the sauna looks amazing! I am working in an industry that depends on reviews,I wanted to check with you if you would like to post my review below.

Well finished Sauna, amazing customer Service and quick installation.
I bought our first sauna for our new house and decided to go for an outdoor sauna.
I enquired for the brochure which was sent to me with no delay.
I ordered the sauna over the phone and all details were taken with a very personal approach.
The entire process was very pleasant and I was able to make changes to the original design at the earlier stages of the order.
It was made clear to me what would be required on installation date (Sauna base and electrical installation), yesterday the installation took place.
All parts were pre-assembled and fitted perfectly.
The installation team of two people were super quick and courteous.
They showed the highest respect, working in our garden and house and even cleaned up after themselves.
The final result is just outstanding, wonderful quality finish and it exceeded my expectations.
Highly recommended!!!
Kind regards,
Stefan "
Outdoor Sauna View
Looking out of a Zoki Sauna on "Spitbank Fort", a luxury retreat in the Solent
Outdoor Sauna View
Mr Bale of Wales view looking out of his Outdoor Sauna

The picture below shows Sharon and David's outdoor sauna after he applied a colour coating.

Sharon and David's outdoor sauna

"All at Zoki - Thanks for the excellent service I have passed on your great service to others hope you get their business."
Regards Sharon and David Theobald

From: John Mutch (Email on file)

Subject: Our Sauna.......

I hadn’t intended to write to you until some period of use had gone by - and I don’t normally write to suppliers anyway.
However. I am writing because of the sheer excellence of your product, and all aspects of our dealings with your Company. It is very rare for a customer to experience what could be called a "sweet spot" when the combination of materials, people and, yes, passion delivers something of the highest quality. On our experience, I would commend your Company to anyone. 
There are so many things about how you do things, and how your quality and discipline is evidenced, that an essay could be written to do you justice, and give you a sense of reward.
Thank you
John (as well as my wife Penny, who is still enthusing….!)

PS. I know you have taken your own photo, but here is ours...

Outdoor Traditional Sauna

From: Peter Murphy (Email on file)

We are delighted with every aspect of our sauna, from ordering, swift fitting to daily use. Don't know why we didn't get one years ago!
We've now painted the exterior to disappear into the garden. (We thought about rolling in the snow but never quite made it!)
Tried to leave a review on your site without success.
Many thanks for your service, we are singing your praises to our friends.
Rosemary and Peter Murphy.

Outdoor Traditional Sauna

An outdoor sauna from Zoki is one of the best built outdoor saunas on the market, designed to last for years, from the 80mm secret nailed walls to the twin roof design. Your outdoor sauna would be installed by our own installers so you know we will take care of your order from start to finish.
Please contact us on 0121 766 7888 for an outdoor sauna quotation or if you have any questions.
Our opening times are Monday to Thursday 9am - 5pm and Friday 9am - 4pm.
We are closed on Public Holidays.

Peaked Roof
Peaked Roof

Sloping Roof
Sloping Roof
We use a peaked roof or flat sloping roof with a 300mm overhang at the front.

We can convert any of our sauna range to an outdoor sauna or we can custom build any size or shape you require, we can also add on a changing room or extend the roof to give you a covered walkway.

All our outdoor saunas have two roofs, an internal one and an external roof the internal sauna roof has the same high density rock wool filling. Then in the cavity between the sauna roof and the external roof we fill this with rockwool. This is to keep the heat in and running costs down.

So with our wall thickness of 80mm and our twin roof design which is filled with rockwool a Finnolme outdoor sauna is the most economical outdoor sauna to run.

The time schedule to install an outdoor sauna is as follows you choose a size of sauna or give us your size for a custom built Sauna. We then give you a price including installation.

If you decide to order a sauna, which you can do so over the telephone, you will be given our delivery time scale please note this may vary at different times of the year.

We will then send you a confirmation with a drawing plus details of how to prepare the site prior to having your sauna fitted.

We then ring you 16-18 days prior to your delivery date – if you are not quite ready we can move you into a new date which is suitable to yourself.

Please ring our office on 0121 766 7888 to discuss your requirements or answer any questions you may have. We are open Monday to Thursday 9am - 5pm and Friday 9am - 4pm.

Changing Room of the Outside Sauna
A changing room can be added to an outdoor sauna if required.
Outdoor Sauna More examples of custom built outdoor saunas the saunas shown look quite light in colour but the wood will darken off into a pleasant colour after a few weeks exposure to the elements.

Had an outside Sauna installed. It was better quality than I thought it was going to be. The whole process was seamless.
Great customer service and an install that put my DIY woodwork to shame.
I have had 2 saunas now and it performs better than the one in my gym.
Really pleased. Oh, and it looks great.

Thanks to all, Julian Yardley - Wirral (Email on file)

Traditional Outdoor Sauna - Julian Yardley
Traditional Outdoor Sauna

I would like to thank your company for the sauna you built and installed for me at the end of June. I was very impressed with the whole order and installation process, and the build quality is excellent.
We have been enjoying it most nights since then. I have reviewed online, and I have enclosed a couple of photos that you are welcome to use on your website.

Many Thanks, Matthew Frost

Traditional Outdoor Sauna Traditional Outdoor Sauna
Traditional Outdoor Sauna Outdoor Sauna Traditional Outdoor Sauna
Traditional Outdoor Sauna Traditional Outdoor Sauna Traditional Outdoor Sauna
Traditional Outdoor Sauna Traditional Outdoor Sauna Traditional Outdoor Sauna
Outdoor Sauna Traditional Outdoor Sauna Traditional Outdoor Sauna
Outdoor Sauna Outdoor Sauna Outdoor Sauna
Outdoor Sauna Outdoor Sauna Outdoor Sauna
Outdoor Sauna Outdoor Sauna Outdoor Sauna
Outdoor Sauna Outdoor Sauna Outdoor Sauna
Outdoor Sauna Outdoor Sauna Outdoor Sauna
Outdoor Sauna Outdoor Sauna Outdoor Sauna
Outdoor Sauna Outdoor Traditional Sauna Outdoor Sauna
Outdoor Sauna Outdoor Sauna Outdoor Sauna
Outdoor Traditional Sauna Outdoor Sauna Outdoor Traditional Sauna
Outdoor Sauna Outdoor Traditional Sauna Outdoor Sauna
Outdoor Sauna Outdoor Sauna Outdoor Sauna
Outdoor Sauna Outdoor Sauna Outdoor Sauna
Outdoor Traditional Sauna Outdoor Sauna Outdoor Sauna
Outdoor Traditional Sauna Outdoor Sauna Outdoor Sauna
Outdoor Sauna Outdoor Sauna Outdoor Sauna
Outdoor Sauna    
Outdoor Sauna Plan Outdoor Sauna
Outdoor Sauna Outdoor Sauna Plan

Hans Svenevic - Surrey
(Email on file)

Words cannot express my joy!

Hi Tanya, Justine, Dan, Tasha, and the rest of the team,

Thank you so much for this piece of heaven in the garden. 

As the title of this email says words cannot properly express my joy. Everyone I've sent photos to around Scandinavia and the Nordic countries is very impressed (they were a bit dubious about it when I told them this was going to happen). Last night we tried it (at the temperature required) for the first time and then had Finnish food after. It was incredible. The löyly produced was exceptional. This is always a mark of good wood and products; you can see it by looking at it but that's always the test.

I've had many saunas in my life and always wanted my own here when I grew up so I'm so happy to have it...I was like a child yesterday with excitement! 

My Father is visiting from Finland in two weeks (first time since the pandemic) and he is very excited about it too. I'll include some of my words here and his in my Google review and I'll write that in a little while after having some time to use it. 

The customer service you all have is next to none by the way and the service on delivery is perfect as well. You've aced your business model. Very happy it's booming as that's a testament to you as well. 

I'm very interested how it first started for you, why saunas? How was it discovered?

I wish you a very good week and thanks again I'll be in touch I'm sure over time and I'll let you know when the review is in.

Thanks again, from a very very Happy Hans!

I keep looking at it and my mind is boggling. It's so majestic!

What do we think about Outdoor Barrel Saunas?

Where do we start? We think Barrel Saunas look very nice as a garden feature.
But in our opinion as sauna manufacturers they do not offer a true sauna experience and there are a lot of downsides to them.

Heat Loss

To combat heat loss through the roof of our saunas we have up to 250mm of rockwool plus 38mm of wood section plus a durable waterproof mineral felt to finish off.

Please see below a cross section of our Outdoor Sauna Roof showing the build quality.

outdoor sauna roof section

A Outdoor Barrel Sauna has a roof section of between 35mm to 45mm. The heat loss as you can imagine is quite high resulting in high electric costs with the sauna struggling to reach the correct temperatures even with the stove running at full power.


Types of wood

We use kiln dried selected spruce wood from slow growing spruce trees in sustainable forests, this has a very close grain resulting in one of the hardiest and best wearing woods for outdoor saunas.

Barrel type saunas use wood ranging from spruce to cedar, spuce is ok if it is slow grown and selected for its grain.

Cedar is not good, cedar is used for roof shingles in Canada because it is impregnated with cedar oils.

This makes any rainwater run off so it can be used for the outside of a sauna but it is in our opinion unsuitable for the inside of a sauna. This is because when the heat is applied from the stove the oils in the cedar can give off fumes which can effect anyone with breathing difficulties.

Wear and Tear

The way we build our Outdoor Saunas is with the wall panels going vertically and 30mm off the floor on a base frame this is to allow rainwater on the outside to run off and any moisture on the inside to run down to the floor.

All Barrel Saunas have their wood panels running horizontally this is to enable them to produce the round of the barrel.

The problem with this is that if the barrel has no outside waterproof covering any rainwater will slowly collect in the joints between the panels or on the inside the moisture and steam will also collect on the inside joints and at the bottom of the barrel curve.

This over a period of time creates a musty background smell with a dark mold forming on these areas.


When having a session in a Outdoor Sauna you do need the option of sitting on the top bench in the hottest part of the sauna this is essential in the cold winter months, and if you like your saunas to be the correct temperature.

Most Barrel Saunas have only one mid level bench these have comfort issues:-

1. When you want to sit with your back against the curve of the wall you are always leaning forwards.

2. You are heating up a large space above your head with a lot of the heat escaping through the thin roof section so the heat at mid level is not the hottest in readiness for our cold winters.

Barrel Sauna

No wall insulation

Yes, barrel saunas ship and assemble easily, but because the walls are not insulated, some sauna users will notice a substantial compromise in heat.

A round wood wall made from 2x4's is often not enough of a barrier from hot to cold. Imagine cold blowing snow hitting one side of the wood, and a sauna stove firing heat against the other side of the wood the freezing, melting, expanding contracting at the seams means that barrel saunas can often develop leaks.

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