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Finnólme Saunas
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A Finnolme sauna has secret nailed panels, using a Finnish method of over 30 years old.

A sauna with the nail heads showing will result in the wood deteriorating around the nail heads as shown in the picture (this is the panel of a well known sauna company).

Please note: Discreet nailing which some sauna companies do is not the same as completely hiding the nail head as in secret nailing.

Important points to ponder before buying a Sauna
  1. Don't be misled by brochures or websites - visit the showrooms if you can.
  2. Ask for customers who have had saunas fitted for their comments or read the testimonials from other customers.
  3. Check how the the installation is carried out do they send a two man team and connect to your electric supply then fully test the sauna.
  4. Make sure all the accessories are included in the price.
  5. Ask for the running costs of any sauna you are looking at. If the panels and walls are too thin, the rockwool may also be cheap and not very dense, this can lead to high running costs. A Finnolme sauna has the lowest running costs of any sauna in the UK.
  6. Check the guarantees - Ask the company if they send a service engineer out if you have a fault with your sauna. London’s oldest health club had two saunas fitted. They broke down even though they were only 6 months old. In one day, the owner spent over four hours on the telephone trying to get the sauna company to come out and repair them. After having no joy, he contacted our company - we then carried out the service work for him.

The website on this company looks good but their saunas, on inspection, are not, they advertise on the same web pages as our company.


  • Insist on secret nail panelling with no nail heads showing. If the panels are not secret nailed the moisture on the walls leaves rust lines under the nail heads.
  • Panel thickness - We use 20mm panels on the inside and outside of our walls the thickest in the UK. Try not to be misled by companies showing only one panel thickness or not disclosing it at all this is cloak and dagger advertising covering up their lack of build quality.
  • Tongue and groove depth and design - ours is 20mm - with a traditional Finnish design so that when the sauna is heated up the tongue curls and locks into the groove this keeps running costs down to a minimum.
  • Wall thickness and rockwool density - our walls are 80mm thick this is made up of 2 x 20mm wood panels and 40mm high density mineral rockwool if the walls are any thinner this results in high running costs with the stove working overtime.
  • The guarantees: Ours is 36 months domestic use and 12 months commercial use.
Sauna panel comparison

The short answer is YES, just look at the panel on the left. This is from a sauna we took out of a health club when we fitted one of our saunas.We also have a panel in our showrooms from another sauna and this panel is only 8mm thick you can't see this from their clever designed pictures which appear on the same search engines Google, Bing etc as us
Also shown on the picture on the left is one of our sauna panels showing a thickness of 20mm with our secret nail design the picture helps show the grade of spruce we use,it is one of the top grades with a compact,tight grain while the other company use a low grade timber this can be seen with the grain being open and not tight.


Glass front saunas do look good, but there are real issues to consider:-

  1. All glass front saunas use single glazed glass, so if the sauna has a glass front the heat loss is tremendous in fact some saunas not reaching the normal sauna temperature.
  2. When the sauna has a glass door which is hinged to a wood surround this is quite ridged and safe, most of the glass doors fitted in glass front saunas have a hinge arrangement where the hinge is attached to the glass panel next to the door.
    Everyone knows that if you touch glass onto wood you get no reaction but if you touch glass to glass it chips, so they have to leave a gap between the glass panels to prevent this or put a plastic door seal in which perishes at roof level because of the heat.
  3. A sauna has to withstand extremely high temperatures if the sauna walls are not made to withstand this movement the sauna can move and distort by quite a lot when in use this can lead to glass wall saunas having major problems with glass cracking.
  4. When there are benches and sauna heaters glass wall saunas can restrict the bench arrangement, what is the point of a glass wall when the end of the benches have to be filled to support them.
  5. I think you may have gathered we do not recommend whole glass walls or floor to roof glass panels but we do understand some customers want a different looking sauna. Therefore we offer saunas with windows which are double glazed and in framework as part of the sauna structure we can also make our outside sauna walls out of 18mm WBP ply with any door and window frames 20mm proud this then allows the customer to either plasterboard and decorate the sauna outside or put tiles on to match the surrounding area.

If you decide to purchase a Finnolme Sauna you will be safe in the knowledge that you will be choosing a company who puts it's customers first.

We are proud of being a specialist sauna company, building saunas that last.
If you decide to purchase a sauna off Zoki we will ensure it will be a
pleasant transaction from start to finish.

If you wish to order or ask any questions please call us on 0121 766 7888.
Our opening times are Monday to Thursday 9am - 5pm and Friday 9am - 4pm.
We are closed on Public Holidays.

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