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Richard Thomas – Bromsgrove (Email on file)

Hi I just wanted to thank you for your support with inquiries regarding the infra red sauna I recently purchased. I pondered for a long time over what type of emitters and make to buy,as this was intended to help with my wife's sciatica. She has suffered for over two years sometimes being hardly able to walk.
I lost count of how much we spent on physiotherapists none of whom curiously enough mentioned infra red as a treatment.
I was also hoping it would relieve my tennis elbow pain I was suffering, to the point that l could not pick up a cup of coffee.
We both cannot believe the effect the Sauna has had. My wife is no longer suffering at all. She is gardening and doing exercise and my elbow is all but cured.This is within only a matter of weeks.
We keep asking each other how we are because we can't believe the positive effect it has had in such a short space of time.
I pondered for months over which sauna to get and now believe other makes with different emitters would not have the same effect.
I am happy for you to share my comments with prospective buyers and my email address with anyone who may be cynical about the validity of the above comments.

Pat Roche – Kent
(Email on file)

Just wanted to say how happy I am with my sauna
The quality really is exemplary and I appreciated all the info you supplied both on your website and in the brochure, which enabled me to decide which type of wood was the best,and why other woods were much poorer quality.
In contrast,my brother bought a sauna from a different company and it is such poor quality; I am so glad I was able to choose the best-the best quality and from the best supplier.
The delivery was great too-the delivery team assembled it with such care and attention and explained how it all worked, and cleaned up afterwards.
Coupled with all this, you are a British manufacturer, and able to make to measure which really helped me. I ordered a corner sauna and the measurements were close to what I had available so I reduced them by a couple of centimetres to be on the safe side - it fits perfectly!
Thank you from a very satisfied customer.

Rosalind Angelina – Bristol (Email on file)

Just to let you know that we are enjoying using our infrared sauna and that my husband is finding that it eases his painful shoulder, he was skeptical at first. So far, I have been using it for relaxation but will increase sessions when I start a detox regime in September.

Mr John Lay-Flurrie – Dorset

Thank you for a wonderful job on our outdoor infrared sauna. It is absolutely gorgeous, it is wonderful to sit in when it’s raining - and the fitters were really great.

Simon Carr – HMS Neptune, HM Naval base, Dumbarton-shire

The finish on the infrared sauna is excellent. You were quick professional and friendly. Very impressed with all aspects of your company.

Bob Bullett – Spain (Email on file)

It's been a long time coming but we have installed the Sauna after a lot of problems with our builder and having to finish the room the sauna was going in ourselves. But we did and we managed to erect the sauna ourselves and have been using it quite a few months now, it seems to help a lot with my creaking joints and it helps me sleep very well. We are pleased with the build of this sauna it is well made and thanks for a very well packed container when it was delivered to Spain. Regards Bob and lrena

Douglas Masey – Leighton Buzzard (Email on file)

Hi there,
Just thought it would be good to add to your testimonials as we have had one of your Infrared Saunas for over 6 years now.
We purchased a 2 seater, half glass door model [1214 I think] with the additional overhead element.
We still enjoy the benefits of what it offers as my wife prior to us purchasing the sauna had 2 right knee replacements, a hip replacement and a left half knee replacement.
I myself have occasional back issues and its so nice to be able to still get the benefits of your Infrared Sauna.
Our thanks again for your most enjoyable product, we did do a lot of research before our purchase including a visit to your showrooms. Kind regards Douglas and Vera

Alan Best – East Yorkshire

When we visited your showroom to view the infrared sauna, we had already tried another make of infrared sauna. This one advertised a carbon fibre system. I chose yours because it has a much better feel to it. Also, there are no cold spots.

Jill Clark & Martin Brown,
Brentford, Middlesex
9th March 2004


Just passing on our thanks to you in writing.

We are more than happy with our infrared Sauna, it makes you feel so relaxed but also refreshed when you come out after a session in the ‘Zoki infrared sauna’.

You can breath without it burning as it would in a conventional sauna.It also is a fabulous piece of well-constructed equipment.

We are so satisfied with the whole package from you from start to finish, that we just wanted to pass this satisfaction on to you all.

So thanks once again,
Kind regards
Jill Clark

Zoki Infrared Sauna Model Sizes & Prices
If you wish to order or ask any questions please call us on 0121 766 7888.
Our opening times are Monday to Thursday 9.00 - 5.30 and Friday 9.00 - 4.30.
We are closed on Public Holidays.

Zoki Model 1214 with
Curved Panelling & Half Glass Door
Heatwave Model 1214

Brochure request, click here

Please see below our standard range of Zoki Infrared Saunas.
You can reduce any wall size shown at no extra cost.
We can also custom build a Zoki Infrared Sauna to suit your requirments.
Please contact our office with your design.
Standard sauna height is 1975mm, this can be customised to suit your location.

If you do decide you may want to purchase one of our Infrared Saunas you can if you wish, tell us what you want it to help you with, we then set the Infrared Sauna up to suit you -

1. General health plus aches and pains
2. Sporting aches, sprains and recovery
3. Detoxing and other major health issues
4. Cancers, but not all forms

We also manufacture outdoor Infrared Saunas. Please contact our office for a quotation.

Zoki Infrared Model
Plan View (mm)
(All prices are exclusive of V.A.T.
at current rate)
£1,475.00 + VAT
Delivery & Installation:
  £160.00 + VAT
£1,545.00 + VAT
Delivery & Installation:
  £160.00 + VAT
£1,715.00 + VAT
Delivery & Installation:
  £170.00 + VAT
£1,915 .00 + VAT
Delivery & Installation:
  £170.00 + VAT
£1,960.00 + VAT
Delivery & Installation:
  £170.00 + VAT
£2,190.00 + VAT
Delivery & Installation:

£190.00 + VAT

£2,310.00 + VAT
Delivery & Installation:
  £190.00 + VAT
£2,650.00 + VAT
Delivery & Installation:
  £215.00 + VAT
£2,775.00 + VAT
Delivery & Installation:
  £230.00 + VAT
£3,320.00 + VAT
Delivery & Installation:
  £245.00 + VAT
£3,410.00 + VAT
Delivery & Installation:
  £255.00 + VAT
£4,075.00 + VAT
Delivery & Installation:
  £285.00 + VAT
£4,540.00 + VAT
Delivery & Installation:
  £315.00 + VAT
This sauna has 2 roof elements.
£4,675.00 + VAT
Delivery & Installation:
  £345.00 + VAT



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