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All our testimonials are all true we have them on file by email or signed by the customer on our Installation check list.

Ardan Swatridge and Sofia Livingstone, Dolceacqua, Italy (Email on file)
“Dear people of Zoki,
We want to let you know that we are very happy with our Infrared Sauna 1218. We ordered it from Italy where we are living, after making several phone calls and emails, with questions about the quality of the woodwork, the need for it to be delivered to Italy and erected by ourselves, and the type and quality of the Infrared units - particularly the levels of EMFs (electro-magnetic fields) as they can be harmful to health.The advice we got from you was very helpful, clear and honest. There was no hard sell, which we had experienced talking to other suppliers and we placed our order with confidence, trusting that your product has very low levels of EMFs.
We arranged to collect the sauna in pre-built kit form from your works. It was ready as promised,on the day we had agreed. Your employees were very efficient in packing the many sections on to our trailer ready for the 1000 Kilometre journey back to Italy, where we have since erected it ourselves.
Each piece was clearly marked, the instructions provided made it a straightforward job to build and the electric components were all wired in a simple way to plug together.
We are delighted with the sauna.We both have chronic health issues, for which regular use is recommended by our medical advisers, so we are using it nearly every day.
We feel that the product is very good value for money, the quality is excellent and the design has been very well thought through.
Thank you so much to everyone we dealt with at Zoki, it was a pleasure doing business with you and we will certainly recommend you to anyone who is looking for a infrared sauna.”

Gregg Millar, Dorchester (Email on file)
“I have been away hence not contacting you until to day. I did however have a quick word with Tanya to pass on my thanks a couple of weeks or so ago.
Your two fitters (Justin and Kasper) did an excellent job of installing the sauna and were great ambassadors for your company. They paid great attention to detail and as an old (unfortunately very, very, very old) ex precision engineer I could not fault them or in fact your overall build quality and workmanship of the sauna.
The quality is excellent and puts all of the others I visited and 'checked out' before placing the order with you - the shame.
Many thanks once again,
Greg Millar”

Martin Boyett, Denbighshire (Email on file)
“Just to say a very big thank you.
The whole experience of buying a Heatwave Sauna from you has been absolutely excellent from start to finish. I thought your sales pitch was just right, giving confidence and reassurance in an area where it is impossible to obtain dispassionate reviews and given that research on the internet generates more confusion than hard information.
Our initial visit to your showroom was enjoyable and informative (even though our satnav took us on a nightmare route back through the centre of Brum!)
Your office staff were really friendly and helpful throughout and the paperwork was painless.
Your manufacturing team did a great job in customising the unit to fit and the window lines up exactly as I had hoped with the window in the room.
Your installation team found us in the sticks (which is more than can be said for a lot of people) they were friendly professional,quick and efficient, and did a excellent job.
We are already getting a lot of pleasure out of using the sauna, it has been very much admired, and I will be recommending Zoki to anybody who shows an interest!”

Brian Dowker, Guildford (Email on file)
“I have had my sauna a little while now and had chance to use it regularly.
The install was excellent, exactly as directed, I was out at the time and my Wife let your team in. When I returned my sauna was there ready to go. Superb, no mess nor fuss.
The sauna itself gets used daily. It has been excellent in use for post exercise recovery and general wellness.
I have been impressed with the speed it comes up to temperature and the sheer ease of use. With a smart plug connected I can turn it on from anywhere and have it warmed up on time for my return. I measured the EMFs and it looks really good from a short distance from the elements, so another tick.
Thanks again for your all your help in ordering.”

Maxine Fielder, Spalding, Lincs (Email on file)
“A quick thank you to you and your team for providing a very personal service and delivering us with a beautiful sauna, the whole experience has been fantastic.
I did my home work before ordering, reading various reviews, even saw cheaper options but was pulled back to Zoki constantly as you build for the individual customer needs. The quality in the build is far superior to others on the market and you have been a real pleasure to do business with. I had my first ever sauna yesterday, it really was lovely.
Thank you again it really does pay to buy British.”

Judith Mallinson (Email on file)
“I have been meaning to send an email in relation to the installation of my Zoki Infrared Sauna for sometime now.
Following the crush fracture of my L1 vertebrae I had suffered for almost 9 years with constant intense back pain, daily lack of sleep and a reduced life style. I had tried every therapy going, with little or no benefit. I took early retirement on medical grounds as I was not able to function in the work place. Having been at home a number of years with no change in my pain levels I was told about infra red sauna by an ex work colleague. I had been using a large amount of high strength pain relief on a daily basis equally without any noticeable benefit. Being anti drugs this did not sit well with my philosophy.
I took three months researching infra red saunas and finally decided to buy a Zoki. How pleased was I to find that all my needs in relation to bespoke construction to accommodate a specific room size was met, the bench was made wider for me to be able to lye down comfortable, without feeling squashed, as I am not able to sit for long. In addition to extra panels to give me a fully immersive experience. Again as requested.
I have been using it daily now for almost 2 years and would not be without it. My back pain is now manageable. My tense muscles have relaxed. I now only use medication very rarely. After almost 10 year of not being well enough to live a normal life due to the pain, I have recently been able to start my own business part time. This would not have been possible without the use of my Zoki Infrared Sauna.
A big thank you to all at Zoki.
(I constantly recommend your product to friends, family and any one else I meet who may benefit from it as I have. I do not want anyone to go through years of intense pain as I did, if there is a drug free alternative that works. I know of two friends who have bought a Zoki following my recommendation and both love it as I do).”

Ken Mitchell,
West Midlands (Installation check list)

"Excellent service from start to finish.”
Phone call a few days after Ken Mitchells Installation -
"Could you thank everyone, the joiners who built it, the installers and yourself. I have recommended it already and will continue to recommend.”

Bob and Tracy Dean,
The Beach Health Centre

“We have a lot of professional people who come to relax in the Zoki infrared sauna, they enjoy it because they can have a relaxing read and stay in longer that you may in a normal sauna, giving a much better benefit to your body. We also have many sports players, such as rugby players, using the Zoki infrared sauna. It helps with their injuries to heal a lot faster. This was proved when one of our customers started using it after she had serious back surgery, it helped her considerably and improved her daily life.”

Mrs K Morgan-Gervis ,
Brecon (Installation check list)

"Excellent - coped well with a difficult installation.”


Dr Rowe,
Southampton (Installation check list)

"Many of my clients suffer from Arthritis and Rheumatism and I recommend that they use the Zoki infrared sauna to sooth the pain. I also recommend it for relaxation to people who suffer from stress.”

Mrs Bellis,
Anglesey (Installation check list)

“We go riding a lot so we tend to suffer with stiff legs, having our own Zoki infrared sauna combats this. Whenever we have a bad back or pulled muscle we use it and it eases it straight away, or after only a few sessions. We find it very comforting and in the winter it gives off just the right type of heat so we don’t feel too hot or too cold.”

Sue Bickers
The toning studio (Toning studio)

“We have a lot of customers with joint problems and it is a very soothing experience for them. The Zoki infrared sauna helps the joints to be more supple and less painful. Customers with back problems often use the Zoki infrared sauna as it makes an immediate and positive difference to the pain.”

Pete Bowler
Fit for Life (Fitness centre)

“We find them so successful and they keep our gym busy the whole year round, this is why we have bought three of them! Members mostly use them for aches and pains, mostly back pain. A lot of people however use it for relaxation or just for the amazing feeling you have once you have had a session in the Zoki infrared sauna. People of all ages can use it from 14 to 80 years old.”

Janice Noble,

“Quick, clean and speedily installed excellent.”

Mr G Pettigrove,

“Thank you very much for the prompt, polite service.”

John Turnbull,

“Pass on my thanks to Alex, the installers and office staff.”

Dr C.D. Easter
"Excellent, efficent and friendly installers, a great job."

Paul Doyle
“Paul’s” (Health centre)

“We have, at Paul’s, a lot of customers with arthritis who find that after only a short session, the Zoki infrared sauna cabin eases their pain for a long period of time afterwards. We also have a young lady with psoriasis who uses the cabin on a regular basis and it helps her condition considerably.”

Mrs Hall,
Santa Maria Salon (Beauty Salon)

“I had a pulled muscle in my neck so I had a session in the Zoki infrared sauna and it totally cured it straight away, I believe in the Zoki infrared sauna so much that I encourage all my friends and family to use it as well as my customers.”

Mrs C Brackenbury
Essential Beauty

“Customers with back ache use it a lot as the results are noticeable straight after the session. One of our elderly ladies who uses the Zoki infrared sauna has two vertebrae fused together in the back of her neck, since she has been using it she has been able to move her neck more, and it eases the pain considerably even for hours after using the Zoki infrared sauna. It has also helped after a customer had a kidney operation and other customers with water retention.”

Mr Desborough,
Bedfordshire (Installation check list)

“I enjoy, very much, the feeling you get after using the Zoki infrared sauna. I also find that it improves my blood circulation. My daughter also uses it regularly as she finds it improves her skin condition.”

Mrs S MacMillen,
Worthing (Installation check list)

“I suffer from stiff and creaky joints, so I use the Zoki infrared sauna every day and this helps me enormously going about my daily business. Now I have a Zoki infrared sauna I don’t know how I lived without it.”

Mr Cockburn,
Bideford (Installation check list)

“My mother has arthritis so bad that she cannot straighten her wrists, but after using the Zoki Infrared cabin she can move them freely.”

Mr Chris Clench,

“Nice looking product very helpful and informative installers Thank you.”

Mr J D Hawksley,
Manchester (Installation check list)

"Great service, custom built very accurately to my requirements, good contact and phone support, installers were friendly and helpful.”

Dave Baglee,
Cumbria (Email on file)

"Hi Tanya can you pass on my thanks to the whole team involved in the design, construction and installation of our new sauna. We have agreed with all of your previous testimonials. Excellent end to end customer service,superb quality and good value.”

Christine Knight,
Cornwall (Installation check list)

"The installers did an exceptional job the sauna exceeded my expectations. A very happy customer.”
Phone call 7 days after from Christine knight -
"I am very pleased with the sauna I am also already feeling the benefits, I have arthritis in my hip and was walking much better after my first half hour session. Thank you very much it is so rare to get such excellent customer service. I will recommend you to all my friends.”

John Cattell,
Southampton (Email on file)

"Just a quick note to say that I am so pleased with the sauna your team did a excellent job. I had a sauna this evening, so relaxing. I will be happy to recommend your company to others. Many thanks.”

Stephen Davidson,
Newcastle (Email on file)

"Brilliant sauna! Professional and friendly installation, installed, commissioned and used within 3 hours, that's what I call service.”

Ian Grimwood,
Hampshire (Installation check list)

"Very good and efficient would definitely recommend Zoki to others, thank you.”

Steve Johnson,
Isle of Skye (Email on file)

"I would just like to say thank you very much for a outstanding product. We had our first sauna this evening and it was absolutely wonderful. The quality of the sauna, panels, heaters etc is excellent. Far better than the sauna we had originally received from A............. S........ (guess I am allowed to say that) and returned back to them. Once again many thanks for a fantastic product and please pass on our thanks to your team.”

Michelle Jones,
Surrey (Installation check list)

"Better than expected will definitely recommend Zoki.”

Allan Thornhill,
Lincoln (Email on file)

"I would like to say how pleased I am with the Infrared sauna you delivered to me on Monday. The installation was carried out quickly and cleanly by your two staff. I have used the sauna three times already and can feel an improvement in my skin condition already. With regular use of the sauna I am looking forward to a great improvement in my overall wellbeing. The sauna build quality is excellent, just as I saw in your showroom. I am so glad I didn't opt for a cheap clip together type as advertised on so many internet sites. I will recommend you to anyone looking for a quality product built to last. Many thanks again.”

Ian Mears,
Hants (Email on file)

"Just thought I'd send you a quick email to say thank you for the excellent service and product that you have provided. We've been very impressed with the whole process and communications with yourselfs,so a big thank you for all that you have done.”

Zoki UK Ltd - Zoki Works - Alcester Street - Birmingham - B12 0PH - Telephone - 0121 766 7888 Fax - 0121 766 7962